Sunday, March 4, 2012

Find Simplicity

"out of clutter, find simplicity."  -  Albert Einstein

I am having that urge, to clean closets, get rid of what is not being used,  to simplify.  Maybe it is the spring that is just around the corner, maybe because in the past year I have seen thousands in my state lose everything, or maybe it is my optimism of energy that I know is in me somewhere.

How can two people collect so much stuff?  I swear, it is all magnetized and it just pulls other stuff to it.  I am craving life and in surroundings.  A few years ago, I realized that when the house is cluttered,  I feel it.   It is almost as though the walls start to close in,  it wears on me.

I have a lot of things that were my mom's.......I am ready to let go of them now.  I want to pass them  on to my nieces and nephews, they need to have something of hers in their homes. Then there are the books.....a couple of years ago I cleared out our bookshelves......but what did I do?
Of course, bought more books......time to do that again.  The same thing with movies, and cds.....time to give them up.  And this time, I am willing to let go of some of my cookbooks.
It is time to share them with others, who love to cook.

One of the good things about all these nieces, when any of us clean out our closets, we do "goody
bags" for all the rest.  That weird green purse I bought.......there's a niece who loved it, clothes,
jewelry.....well, everything but shoes.  None of them can wear my shoes.......I wear a size 5.
And I have to say, usually if I buy shoes, it is truly out of love and they get worn!  Now you know my

I have a good friend whose theory is, if you haven't used it in a goes.  I am trying to get to the point of being that organized.......but then that little voice in the back of my head says......but what if you need this someday?  So, I try to find a happy medium.  But sometimes,
I think I must be like a squirrel, hoarding stuff, the way they do nuts  for a long cold winter.
That phrase I use in yoga.......let go, let go.......I have to keep repeating it!
Find Simplicity........let go, let go.


  1. I don't like clutter either. I think it is so nice to give some of your mother's things to your nieces and nephews. I had the same trouble with books until I got my e-reader. It is nice how electronic books don't take up any room?

  2. I've been feeling like this myself lately. I'm surrounded by things I don't need and no longer use. It seems like such a big job though.

  3. Oh I'm a hopeless hapless hoarder! But every so often I do a big de-clutter and it feels amazing!!

    Enjoy your de-cluttering and yay for re-distribution within the family too!

    Take care

  4. Good for you paring down. Every once in a while I do a major clean out. There isn't much left to get rid of. I have no one who is interested in or has the room for the family stuff.

  5. I have only recently discovered your post and I am working my way "backwards" in your postings since I am now a follower. I like to do that to get the sense of a person.

    And my sense is from the little I have read is that we are "sisters" under the skin. So many of your blog posts ring true to me. And this one was like hitting the nail on the head. i have "decluttered" so much that is is scary. Of course, I have had multiple family move in and move out over the last 20 years and it has both added and reduced clutter. Added some of theirs to my house but reduced some of mine. Now that revolving door has slowed (everyone is grown and flying with their adult wings) and the remaining clutter "appears" to be all mine. So I guess it was me all the darn time! :-)

    Glad to have found you!!