Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bring It On

Cold, windy, cloudy......yesterday......80 degrees, tonight down in the thirties.  Wow!
Blackie Bear has been with me all day.....some days he just does not want me out of his sight.
Buddy has been the same, I think the weather yesterday and last night had them really spooked.
What can I say, it had me spooked.

I have not had a steak in months, but today felt the need for red meat.  So tonight at the Watson house, there were steaks on the grill, baked potatoes, and salads.......and ok, I confess a bottle of red wine that was incredible.......Charles Shaw, Merlot.......excellent, earthy, smoky, rosemary, pepper.
So, had not had steak or wine in a very long time.......but tonight, there was a need.  And after this posting, a gratitude ceremony for once again, surviving the storms.......there was wind and hail and three inches of rain......thanks to the universe, we are still standing.

Fragile is not a word I would not  use often, but for some reason I felt that way today.  Maybe it is the aftermath of the storms and remembering last April, maybe,  it is the fact that I start my treatments Tuesday......but today, I feel fragile,  not feeling like my usual fearless self......thus the consuming of red meat and wine......I need that connection to primal and remind myself......I am ready......I am strong.....bring it on.

Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. Stay strong Jilda!! You have heaps of inner strength and you are surrounded by love!

    Glad you are all ok with the crazy weather! Take care

  2. Glad everything is okay up there for you. Look after yourself.

  3. Understandable to feel that way Jilda. But...we all know you are such a strong and beautiful woman inside and out. Will be thinking of you on Tuesday. Hugs!

  4. Yes you are ready and yes you are strong so as you said bring it on........

  5. I'm glad your home and town were spared any more bad weather outcomes. My heart goes out to all the tornado victims. Sometimes we just need those comfort foods. I will keep you in my prayers and think of you on Tuesday.