Friday, March 2, 2012

Wall Cloud

 This is Alabama, about a quarter of mile from our house.  For those of you who are not tornado educated, wall clouds drop the big boys.....tornadoes.   We were lucky, it went up the river about a mile from us.  We're under the gun until mid-night or so.  My heart breaks for those north of us, in Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois......
Our schools have learned the hard way, send those kids home, or no school.
UAB released a special report on the victims killed
here in April of last year......many deaths could have been avoided if the victims had been wearing
helmets......yep, helmets, football, baseball, motorcycle, whatever.  Local news reported a run
on helmets of all types at Walmart today.
Prayers that we all stay safe, and the sun shines tomorrow.  If you are in the red zone or white, make sure you know your plan.


  1. Keep in Ontario we are watching the news and holding our breath for you all.

  2. We had tornado watches out all day Wed...but luckily nothing happened. Growing up in Ill. and living here in OH, I've learned to take all watches seriously and have a plan..and a basement! Glad you are all safe and I hope it continues through this tornado season.

  3. Take care. Helmets do seem like a very good idea.