Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Healing Room

I did my first treatment today, all is well.....I have slept most of the afternoon.....and that is good.
The room where the treatments are given is airy and light, lots of windows, soft greens.  Big cushy recliners to lie in while the magic drips into your veins......soft warm blankets to wrap yourself in, to hold on to for comfort.

I was there around three hours, at one point all the recliners were taken.....each drip is personalized.
Some go quickly, others slow......bags, and bottles, full of the potions that will cure (hopefully ) what ails you.

The room is not biased......old, young, male, female, every skin color.....some smile, some cry, some sleep.   There are snacks, and spring water and soft drinks......all who work there, seem so caring.

It seemed surreal at times, the nurses walking softly, checking on the drips, checking on the drip receivers.  The one thing that seemed so out of place.....a television.  I kept thinking, this is a healing room.....why is that television here, blaring Wheel of Fortune?  The television seemed
to be the only cold thing in the room, unfeeling......just spitting out"stuff".

A healing room......there should be music there.....don't the healers know that music soothes, and comforts.......music calms.......as a musician I believe music heals.  I craved music when I was in that room today.....I wanted to scream out.....where is the music?  F**k  the television......we need music!!!!!!  Next time, I bring headphones....but it doesn't seem fair does it?  For me to receive the healing power of music, while those who are so much sicker.......get TV.

I carried a new book with me today, the newest release by Wayne Dyer.....Wishes Fulfilled.  It seemed like the perfect book to read in the healing room....and it was.  He talked about his illness, leukemia....and how illness takes you down a different path, and introduces you to different people.   I think I am going to enjoy this book very much, and will probably blog it  about in depth soon.

I do another treatment in one  month.....there were those in the healing room today who spoke of coming every day......I pray the drips work their magic and they don't have to come back ever again.  I looked at their faces today, all of them in the healing room......the patients, the workers, the family members.......I wanted to send them all love,  I wanted to hug them, each and everyone....but most of all, for the receivers of the  drips........I want the healing room to grant their wish.....of healing.


  1. I also wish everyone there could be healed. It sounds like a lovely room except for the TV. That would annoy me too. Soft music would be much better.

    There is a clinic by our house you can go to on the weekends or night. I only go there when I am very sick. They play loud rock music in the waiting room. To be honest, it almost made me cry. Soft music would have been nice.

  2. I hope the treatment goes well for you.

  3. Jilda!! This is the first time I've "heard" you swear! LOL!! Good for you! Next time there better be music!!

    But seriously! Hope you are recuperating now. Rest please! Take care

  4. For you and for everyone in that room, fingers crossed, positive thoughts, lots of prayers.

  5. You, my friend, will knock them out of the park. If you didn't suggest or tell them, then you must. Your treatments will be productive! I love you.

  6. I'm sorry to hear you are ill, Jilda. How is the treatment going?

  7. Hope you are better soon. I work in an environment that is suppose to heal. We blast rock music when the pts are asleep and many days it drives me nuts but the surgeon has the control here. Perhaps you should suggest more quiet music and ask the TV to be turned off. I bet many feel like you do..I know I would.