Friday, March 30, 2012

Change the World

A friend share a video clip with Rick and I tonight, it contains a message that I have talked about often.....change your words, change your world.  I had seen the video before, a blind man begging,
a young well dressed woman walks by, writes something on his sign and walks away.  Before she leaves, he feels of her shoes.  Later that day, he is amazed by how generous people are as they walk by.  The young woman walks up, he knows it is her, because he touches her shoes.
He wants to know what she did and she tells him, she just changed his words a little on his sign.
The original sign of course, said something to the effect, help me I am blind.......the new sign,
something to the effect.....I can't see what a beautiful day it is.........that's the power of words.

My sister Pat often makes the statement,that once words are spoken, you can never take them back......that's true.  We all talk, and quite often, we talk before we think.  We say hateful rhetoric, make biased remarks, and assume judgement, and the words just continue to flow.
We speak constantly about what we don't like, and never take the time to speak of what we do like.  Words are the most powerful weapons in the world.......they start wars, break hearts, create hatred......but they can also heal, soothe, calm and create love.   Words are tools and with them, we really can change our world.


  1. Words are not forgotten especially the hurting words. When I hear myself think negatives I will often repeat the thought in positives. Changes perception.

  2. Oh yes, I remember this video. It stayed in my head for ages.

  3. Yes, the power of words is amazing, you are right!

  4. Something I need to keep at the front of my mind.

  5. last week in church the sermon was on just this topic and suggested that before we say something bad, we picture putting sticks in our mouth to prevent it. This week I did that and it worked! (Shame on me!)