Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Disappearing Blog

The universe stole my post tonight, I was down to the last sentence......and all my words just disappeared.  How does that happen?  Did my computer not like my words or subject matter?
Is there a grinch  who steals blogs?

Now my mind is blank, I am too tired to rewrite, energy has left the body.
Maybe the almost full moon is playing tricks on me........whatever, happened the screen went blank except for two letters.

I think I need sleep, maybe my computer needs sleep.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. you'll find it tomorrow in draft

  2. Sorry. We'll miss what you had to say, but you need to rest. Sweet dreams.

  3. It's the moon. Except, on Main St. it's "Full." A little rest won't hurt you tho. Soft Pillows to you. Have a great night my friend.

  4. I just read your hubby's blog. Maybe he deleted yours because he didn't like his! Just joking. Goodnight.

  5. It'll show up a week next Thursday!

  6. OH that is annoying! :-(

    Nevermind - rest now - tomorrow's another bloggy day! Yay! Take care