Friday, March 16, 2012


One of the most difficult things in life, is not to judge.  Judgement is easy, so effortless to sit back and pass judgement on the acts of fellow human beings.  It is really simple to say what you would never cross our arms, raise our eyebrow, and proclaim loudly......I would never do that.  Yoga teaches no judgement.  It is one of my biggest challenges in life.....not to judge.

We all pass judgments every day, from the simple critical thoughts on how some one should dress or act, to the serious judgments of moral behaviors.  I admit, trying to understand how someone can
deviate from what most of us consider our personal moral compass can be perplexing, even for some of us outraging.

But I believe that any of us, given the right set of circumstances, is capable of any horror.  Spirits get broken, minds get pushed over the edge, and hatred and fear can harden the most loving of hearts.
I think our job is not to judge, but to try to help those who might be teetering on the edge, take their hand and pull them back from the brink of destruction.

Judgments come out of most of our mouths as easy as please and thank you.......we proclaim them with authority and often with joy.......maybe before we passed judgement on others, we should think about how we would feel, if that same judgement was uttered about us.


  1. Right on! We're all just doing the best we can through this journey - let's treat each other with kindness.

  2. I stand by this philosophy of being non-judgmental. However, the problem is that I encounter many people who judge me and others, so the question is "what should we do when we encounter somebody who judges us because of our choices?". This is the question that lingers in my mind.

  3. Jilda,
    A good and gentle reminder to us all.

    Have a good weekend - Marsha

  4. Such a simple philosophy, yet sometimes so difficult to practice.