Saturday, March 24, 2012


The sky today was an incredible gift.......the blue was that clear, rich blue of the west......if you have never seen the western blue sky(promise yourself, you will) and if you have.....well you know that color.  At first, there were no clouds, but as the day went by, soft billowy clouds began to float through the jet stream.  Then, streams of cloud like feathers mixed with the billows, all against that azure sky.  The rains ( actually almost monsoons) cleared away the pollen, the atmosphere was pristine.....and it made me yearn for a trip west.  The temps were about fifteen degrees cooler, and as the afternoon faded into evening, the skies filled with clouds, and rain began to fall......quite an interesting weather day.  Like every day, this one was a gift.
Because of the rains, the colors of the grass, leaves, and flowers have intensified, even the sun
shine seemed more golden  today.

Usually the day after my birthday is one of contemplation, this one has been no different.
Thoughts of the past, memories of friends, and hopes for tomorrow.......this has been that kind of day.  Thank you all for your birthday wishes.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Goodnight, Jilda. Sweet dreams.

  2. I went out just after nightfall to walk the dog - was so taken by the clear night sky I had to go back in to tell my wife to come and see.

  3. Some days, all you want to do is watch the sky :-)