Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flag Retiring Ceremony

Rick and I were honored to sing at a flag retiring ceremony today.  It was held at our local Veteran's Memorial, by our wonderful Veteran's Group.  My father, being a WWII Vet was adamant about how our flag should be treated, I have seen him angered more than once when he saw a flag being flown or treated  inappropriately.

The local Boy Scout Troop presented the colors,  our Honor Guard led the Pledge and played taps
as the flag was burned. It was such an emotional ceremony, I found myself in tears as I looked around at all the young and old Veterans.  Since I work with the military group at my job, these ceremonies have become so dear to me.  My home town is so lucky to have our Veterans' Group.
Every Memorial Day and Veteran's Day, they have some sort of program, some sort of recognition for those who have and who are still serving this country.  Many times they have asked Rick and I to help in some way,  I could never turn them down.

We have played in prestigious places, in front of bigger crowds, but performances like tonight, those are the pearls......the ones that are special......the ones that you know really count.

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