Monday, March 19, 2012

Pollen Storms

There is a blanket of yellow pollen on everything!  Each time the wind blows, a cloud of yellow "dust" sweeps across the horizon.
Our dark green roof is now chartreuse! It seems as though a pollen storm has swept across the state, leaving in its wake, a covering of sticky yellow pollen.

We didn't have a winter, or spring this year, we had a long fall, and then jumped right into summer.  EVERYTHING is blooming!  It is beautiful, just the most wonderful blossoms all around........but here is that yin yang thing again.......all that beauty, has produced all that pollen.

If you are sneezing, coughing, teary itchy eyes there are some home remedies I will share with you.   If you can buy local honey, it should help your immune system fight the allergens.  I know nettie pots have gotten a bad rap, but I love mine for washing the pollen out of my sinus cavities.  If you fear the nettie, then just buy bottles of saline nose spray.  Cold compresses make my eyes feel better, honey and lemon help the cough.

If you are like me and have some pretty serious
respiratory issues, wear a mask on high pollen days if you are outside.  When I do yard work,
I try to remember to wear mine.  Me personally, I also take extra vitamin C, and usually the Air Borne tablets from the local discount store.  Drink lots of water, get a little extra rest and try to limit outdoor activities. Because like everything else, this too shall pass.

I would love to escape to the desert or the beach right now, but since that is not possible, home remedies are the next best thing.......that and lots of rain to wash and cleanse the air. Another lesson I learned, pollen also gets on your clothes, and in your hair......remember that when you put your head on your pillow and start to sneeze.

Enjoy the beauty, some springs the flowers barely bloom, or we have a late frost.  The weather has been almost picture perfect, so I am trying not to complain, just dealing with the
not so perfect stuff.  And if it is cold and dreary where you are tonight, wish I could share the sun and the blooms. Just look at the photo of the honeysuckle, yours will be blooming soon.


  1. Our daughter gets an allergy remedy from the homeopathic supply store. She swears by it.

  2. Reading this took me back to my childhood when my sister would have an asthma attack brought on from the pollen in the air, there were many times she ended up in hospital because of it........I also have two daughters who suffer from hayfever...

  3. I've never seen pollen like that. Luckily, I don't have many allergies but both my sisters do. I have seen some tulips coming up and crocus. It was a happy sight.

  4. I so have to google "nettie pots"! LOL! I have no idea what they are but I want some!

    Yellow dust?!?! WOW!

    I suffer on and off hayfever and the only remedy is the one you spray up your nose!

    Good luck tackling your allergies! Take care

  5. I see all these symptoms with many of our patients and my co-workers. I'm not one prone to allergies, thankfully. I'm trying to enjoy this warm start to Spring up here in the's making everything bloom and look very green!