Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mamie's Flowers

My mom called this a "peach" rose, I suppose because it resembles a tiny rose, and it is the color of a peach blossom.  The original bush came from my grandmother Mamie, passed on to my mom and now it lives in my front yard.  I don't really know what it is, but it has always been one of my favorite early spring flowers.

I have two of them, and one is looking rather sickly.......I am tending to her daily.....hoping that I can save her.  The heat and the drought almost took her out last summer.  I think I need to relocate her.  Her sister, who is thriving lives in a  semi-shaded area and seems very happy.  I think they need to be neighbors.  If any of you know what kind of flower this is, please let me know.  These plants are around 40 years old, I don't want to lose them.

It seems strange I suppose to think of them as family members, but they are.......they really are my legacy.....but at this point I am not sure if any family member would want them after I pass on.  But for now, they make me smile, and they connect to my to my grandmother.  I keep reading that fresh flowers and plants in the house are healthy for you, both physically and mentally......I believe it.  Flowers in the house always make me feel better.  I hope there are flowers where ever you are tonight.


  1. I have no idea what they are but they are beautiful. All the more so, knowing their history.

  2. I hope you save your other beautiful peach rose!! Take care