Sunday, March 18, 2012

Face Book

I took a casual look at Face Book tonight.....I have told Rick several times that I had thought about closing my account, but I always reminded myself that I used it as a social media tool to keep my "friends" posted about our gigs and my yoga classes.  I am so over it......tired of people spewing their religious, political, bilge......their racial prejudice, their anger, judgement and hate.
Silly me, I thought it would be a terrific tool, a way to keep in contact with friends, to know what they were doing with their creative energies, how their lives were going.  I read somewhere that if you had over a 100 or so friends, that the account would no longer function as a social media tool, but would spiral into some strange hideous mutant.  I think this is true.

There lies my mistake, I have some 600 or so "friends".......wrong, most are people I don't know.
So, I think this week, I will purge......and try to regain what I thought I had in the beginning.....a social media tool for myself and my friends.  An easy to way to stay in touch without always sending e-mails.

There are other ugly things about Face Book, corporations using it as a way to check up on employees, insurance companies to spy on their clients, and who knows what else.  Electronic media can be amazing,  musicians can perform their music and sell it without having to ever sign their lives away to a record label.  Writers can share their words without a publisher, art can be seen  without ever stepping foot inside a museum.

Face Book, just like everything else in life......yin and yang.....good and bad........and complicated.


  1. Yes, there is good and bad on Facebook. There can be bullying and there can be love. I no longer go there because blogger takes my time. I do know that where my daughter worked they always looked people up on Facebook. If they were a big party animal, they weren't hired.

  2. It is a shame that something where good intentions were intended has become such a "tool" for the not so nice. I keep my small circle of friends on it but you just gave me reason to be careful what I put up on it. Thanks for that!

  3. It's like everything else. There will always be people who try to spoil it, just because they can.

  4. I think that's why I just keep to blogging and no more - not facebook, twitter and any other social networking!

    Yay for your purging!! Sometimes you do need to do this in all aspects of one's life! Take care

  5. I gave up Facebook over a year ago and I don't miss it. I was tired of all the junk I was being sent and I really didn't want to read about the loves and hates of everyone. I know many use it to keep connected. I don't have a business that would benefit from it either so I think I'll just stick with good 'ol blogging!

  6. You are spot on, Jilda. I don't care how you feel politically, I care how you feel physically. I don't care what your religious beliefs are, I care about you. I don't care what color you are or what your sex is or sexual preference for that matter. I care about you, what you say, what you will say, where you've been and what great experience that journey has been and where tomorrow will lead you. Mmm, sorry,if I got carried away! I too will be purging. Great article my friend.