Monday, March 26, 2012


It seems that many of my friends are in the midst of, personal and health.
For me, it is frustrating, because I want to help.......but sadly, for the most part.....all I can do is say I love you, give a hug, say a prayer and hope for the best.

It is difficult to watch those you love, deal with heartache and pain.......but it all is part of life....part of the experience of living here on this earth......lessons to be learned......experiences to be lived.

I'm sure that when I struggle, they hurt for me too.....and want to help.  For all the sadness that I feel for friends and family, when life is tough for them, I cannot imagine what a parent feels for a child, when their life is in turmoil.  I think the one thing we have to remember no matter what......people, children, friends, lovers.......they are not possessions.  We can love them, learn from them, teach then, but they are not possessions, nor can we control anyone's life.
Hard lessons......and we all have to face them......hopefully with love, and kindness surrounded by those who care.


  1. Sometimes when I'm down, all I need is a sympathetic and empathetic ear and then things seem better after! I hope I offer the same to my friends and family too! Take care

  2. We went through some very tough times with our son for a number of years (he's doing good now thankfully) and I often said that whatever happens to your child, happens to you. You are right about our friends and loved ones not being our possessions - everyone is a free agent.

  3. It is hard to see people you love suffer. But you are right, it is a part of this life we must be strong for. God bless.