Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Celebrations

March is a time for celebration in my family......yes, there is St.Patrick's Day and then there are sister Pat celebrates her day on the 15th (yes, we always say beware, she is not amused) my nephew James is the 8th, my niece Becky, and good friend Keith's on the 6th, my niece
Dannielle and my sister-in-law Deb's is the 12th, mine is the 23rd, my friend Brenda and my late friend Ron's the 19th, oh yeah and my nephew Dawayne's is this  month and my great nephew Jared's.

I do a lot of shopping and card sending, almost as much as December!  Today, my sister and her kids, grand kids and great grands, all celebrated  March birthdays.  Lots of food, a house full of kids, it really was kinda like Christmas.  I got great gifts, new sunglasses, a certificate for a pedicure, a really cool hat, and a beautiful blouse!  I had so much fun, I came home, practiced my sacred idleness and took a nap and walked the dogs.

Some weekends are full tilt boogie, busy schedules, music gigs, not a minute to spare......this was the weekend I had needed for sometime.  Rest, fresh air, exercise, family, good food.....Rick had deadlines to meet, so he has written most of the weekend.....for me, it was exactly the weekend I needed, but probably would never have just sat down and scheduled.  My calendar is pretty jam packed for the next four to six weeks, this was my chance to charge up those batteries.

I am not a fan of daylight savings time, getting up in the dark confuses my bio rhythms, so this week will take some getting use to......and this too shall pass.  I will be gathering up supplies and food for an Irish feast on the 17th, my shamrocks are blooming.  The March winds and rains are moving in tonight and my body thinks it's bedtime.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. We're yet to have the clocks go forward here but spring has definitely sprung here - sun, warmth, growth, bees!!

    Yay for March birthdays - wow - that definitely is a lot of birthdays! Enjoy! Take care

  2. Your March is like my many birthdays but so much fun too! Happy early birthday to you and I'm glad you had such a nice weekend. I must be weird because I love this time change. I would like it to be lighter in the morning, but it will get there eventually. I love the lighter later time to be outside since I'm indoors all day. It also feels like I leave work early. The only problem is it's too early to plant anything up here in the North! Have a good week!

  3. What a wonderful weekend that must have been. So glad you had fun :-)