Thursday, June 30, 2011


I did something today, that for me was quite decadent......a friend had given me a certificate for a facial at a local spa.......and yes I had a facial today, the first one in years.  I may not look ten years younger, but I feel it!
It was sooooo wonderful to just lie back and let someone  take care of me for an hour.  It was so relaxing, at one point I think I fell asleep!

Rick and I met a friend for lunch today......she is a new friend, but one that we have loads in common with.
She is in the arts and music industry, just an amazing woman.  We are looking forward to working on some projects with her.

Tonight,  we went to a songwriter in the round show at an art gallery in Birmingham.  A couple of our friends performed, we heard some great music and Rick and I will be performing there on July 14th.

It has been a very good day, one that I have needed for sometime.  I know that I have the caregiver's personality and that I spend most of my time caring for others.  I forget my "airplane" rule sometimes (you know the one that if the masks drop,put yours on first and then help others) but today reminded me of how important it is to do something for yourself.  I never realized how "spent" I was, until I lay back in that chair and felt tension leave my body.  I think there are alot of us who "spend" most of our energy doing/caring for others and  we have no clue about our needs.  Once again, I have to remind myself to practice what I teach.

So, for all of you who are "spent",  take it from a hardcore,  "spend" a little on yourself......your spirit,
and your body will thank you for it.......and it's like interest, you'll have a lot more to spend on others!


  1. Oh how I would love to have a facial lucky you, I have never had one but truely would love one......

  2. I am so glad to know that you got TLC for a change. Do it more often girl because you are worth it.

  3. Hi Jilda. I'm so very glad that you got to have some TLC today as well - you certainly deserve it, because I know how you are always thinking of others. A facial is so relaxing. I'd never had one before until I was in my late 50's!! Glad you had such a good day my friend.

  4. A facial does a lot more for the body than just cleansing your skin. It's so beneficial to destressing and getting toxins out. So is massage. Good for you.

  5. Very good advice. Thank you.

    I'm glad you got that facial too. SMILE

  6. This is what I tell my daughter. If you make yourself sick, how is that helping anyone?