Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Live Life

"Life. Are we living it or running behind trying to catch it?" - Robert Redford
This quote hit me hard today, like a bucket of ice dumped on my head.......I feel as though I have been running behind for weeks, doing my best to catch "it" but not quite making it.  But, even as I read this quote this morning,
something had changed in the past few days, there is a difference in energy.....mine and the energy around me.

The fog is lifting, and I can at least see where I am going.....and the rain came today, more like a monsoon. It is still raining and cool! My physical and mental energy is stronger, and this evening I think I am living life again.
There seems to have been a suspension of time since April 27 when the tornadoes hit.  It is so hard to describe, but there are alot of us who feel it.  For those of you who read my blogs, you know I give a lot of weight to energy.....this is just me thinking, but I think the energy of destruction, fear and death was so great
that day in our area, that many of us have battled our way back to living.....and sadly some  have not.

I spoke to a good friend today, and he asked Rick and I to come spend a few days with he and wife.  They live in Tuscaloosa where the devastation was so wide spread.......he told me  he just wanted to be around "normal
folks" for awhile.  I laughed and told him things were really bad when someone thought that I was normal.
But I understood what he was talking about, that feeling of living life, not just trying to catch it.

I think we all at some point run hard, trying to catch life.  We spend so much energy making a living, trying to survive  and then something happens( good or bad) and we decide we want to live life.........but maybe we have become so complacent, there is no energy left for living life or we think it is too late.  It's not too late,
(unless we have breathed our last breath) there is still time to live......to love, to laugh, to see, to smell, to touch, to hear, to observe.

Tonight, I hope we all take the opportunity to live life, not just to run after it, waiting for someday.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. I have had times when I have felt like to but as I get older I have started to slow down.......yeah I know you are thinking if I am slowing down why on earth do I still run around doing so much stuff for my daughters and siblings.......answer because it is who I am and I really do not know how to be different....

  2. That was very nicely said Jilda, I agree with you all the way!
    Love Di ♥

  3. The motto at our retirement community is: Live, Love, Laugh and Learn. We want today to be the best day of our lives so far. Some days, it's easy, other days, a chore.

  4. It sounds like spending a few days with good friends is exactly what you need. And at their place so you can really relax.

  5. Well put. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in making a living, we lose track of making a life. And we desperately need that life energy you talk about to embrace both.