Thursday, June 9, 2011


Wild blackberries are every where on the trail down behind the barn.....and they are getting ripe!
Jordan and I made a blackberry cobbler this week.
Every day that he is here, we walk the trail and he crams ripe blackberries into his mouth. He smells them, and he holds them as if they are precious jewels.

I tell myself the summer heat is worth it.......because of the fruits and produce. Watermelons have been extremely juicy and sweet and so have cantaloupe.
I am a fruit and veggie kind of gal!

Each day as we walk through the garden and down the trails, Jordan and I sing the Travis Tritt song,
It's A Great Day to Be, he also helped me wash Ingrid, my car. When his grandparents picked him up, he told the specifics of how to wash and clean a car. Ha,Ha!

Tonight is a "berry" short post, but I am tired, spending the day in almost one hundred degree weather, outdoors with a three year old has taken its toll. Good night, Sweet Dreams.


  1. One day my daughter Karen & I were at Medoc Mountain State Park near our home and walking one of the trails. We decided to journey off the trail and found a growth of black berries and we stood there and ate as much as we could enjoying every morsel. I miss those days.

  2. I'd say that you are tired is an understatement. Busy day. Such good things though. Sweet dreams.

  3. We have wild raspberries here in the mountains. I love eating them fresh off the bushes. Your nephew is have wonderful experiences at your home.