Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Gift of Heat

I wrote my post tonight, I actually thought it was pretty good......but my computer has danced with the gremlins all day and tonight, they won. When I posted nothing appeared and when I looked at what had been saved only about half of my words were there.....so it goes.

Now my brain has turned to sawdust, my thoughts have taken leave, and my words are nonsense.
So it goes.....

Somedays that is the norm, those are the days I tend to want to crouch in child's pose or pull the covers over my head and wait for the gremlins to finish their dance and go someplace else.
I sat on the deck tonight and watched the moon rise above the trees, there was complete stillness. The sounds were deafening, crickets, an owl, frogs, critters everywhere seem to begging Mother Nature for relief from the heat. I think the old gal has a sick sense of humor and is someplace cool laughing about the heat.

Or maybe this is just her way to get us to slow down......and enjoy the fruits of summer, the coolness of a shade, a drink of cold water, a dip in an icy stream, and appreciation for a gentle breeze. I heard a few claps of thunder yesterday, but no rain......once again I thought it was a mighty cruel joke.......but maybe we will appreciate those drops when they do fall.

Supper was simple tonight, panzanella salad and smoked turkey......a perfect meal to enjoy in the heat. I bought cherries and strawberries at the produce stand today. What is it about the juice of fruits running down your chin that feels so good?

The slowness is good, the heat is heavy, you can feel the weight as it presses against your skin.....but slowing down, you smell the flowers, you feel the breeze, you feel the hot sun on
your skin, and you smell the rain when it comes. I remember as a kid, climbing a tree in the summer and just sitting there in the stillness.......maybe the heat is a gift, a reminder to be still and slow down.


  1. We got a triple rainbow without a storm or rain today. That was pretty neat - an unexpected smile.

  2. I am a quick learner and slow down or else. Don't know what we ever did before A/C. Have a wonderful day

  3. It's been raining here lately and I love the smell too.