Monday, June 20, 2011


Because Rick worked for AT&T, before he retired he got me an I-phone.  It is probably one of the most underused I-phones in the world, I use it basically for calls, texts and to check my e-mails.  It drives Rick crazy because I bet he has dozens of apps on his and he knows and uses them all.  I have two apps that I use daily,
one is a quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer and the other is the Weather app.

I check the weather daily in my favorite places.....Telluride, San Francisco, Seattle, know those places where it is not 100 degrees with 80% humidity.  It is 87 degrees here in Empire at 9:48 pm, in San Francisco it is 70......oh to be some place cool!

I love San Francisco, we have been many times, and we have played the Napa Valley Folk Festival.  I love the climate, the Pacific Ocean, the mountains, the Red Woods, the feel of the city.  I can close my eyes, and feel the wind off the Bay, smell the dill and red woods alongside the road driving through the mountains and the little town of Woodside.  South of the city, at Half Moon Bay there is a small restaurant that faces the water, they serve tiny Pacific oysters that are incredible.  I think I need a San Francisco fix.

So for the past few weeks, as our temps near 100 daily,  I reach for my I-phone, and check out the weather
in my favorite towns and dream......of walking the streets of Telluride and looking up at the mountains,
of sitting at an outdoor concert in Seattle in a misty rain listening to Jim Paige,  and eating my way across  San Francisco.  It's a good night to dream a little dream and look at the I-phone.


  1. I too am a huge fan of San Francisco. I finished high school in Berkeley and spent time in San Francisco on weekends. I lived in southern CA most of the time but the two years in Berkeley gave me a close up view of one of my favorite cities. Over the years I spent a week here and there in San Francisco, the last time being seven years ago. I am so glad I had all that time there, for it is pretty certain I will not be there in person again.

    We check the weather several times a day since we moved here. There is flooding all around but not right here. And fifteen miles from here were 75 mph winds last night and power still off to the north side of that city. The storm last night damaged some of the plants but that is all.

    OMG, I have been at the restaurant in Half Moon Bay.

    Sorry your temps are so high and I do know how uncomfortable that can be.

    I want to be outside here but can only abide the mosquitos just so long, so I am not riding my bike or walking or weeding in the flower beds.

    I like reading your posts with you telling another aspect of you the person.

  2. Nothing wrong with dreaming Jilda. I do it all the time wanting to be in the NC mountains beside a cool stream instead of here in the eastern part of the state where it is so hot. Hope you get some relief soon.

  3. Everyone I know seems to have an Iphone except me. I've got a nasty cheap Nokia that cost ten quid and everybody laughs at it.

  4. Jilda,
    We, too, are at about 100 degrees here today in the Sacramento area.

    S.F. is only 80 m iles away, but it might as well be 10,000! :)

    Of course, we could drive over to the Bay, but the TRAFFIC between here and there is a real pain.

    Hang in there. ...Marsha

  5. My daughter has and Iphone 4 and she does heaps of stuff on it but I think if I had one it would under used as well as I just make call and send sms's that's it so can not see the point in one for someone like me.

    I love the weather channel and often check out the weather in different places around the country and world.