Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The heat is on......and I miss the mountains. The photo was taken in Telluride, Colorado last July.
I love that place, the raw beauty, the pure size of the mountains, and the fact that on the Fourth of July it was around seventy degrees, with a low in the thirties.

Isn't that picture just peacefulness? The river was clear and icy cold, and those mountains........I know why John Denver loved that state so much......life is different there.

So, today, I looked at my photos from last summer, read my blog entries from that week in July and missed those mountains.

I could be packed in about five minutes.............
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. We think so much alike Jilda. I could go to the mountains of NC today and never leave.

  2. I could go for some cool now too. So much I want to do in the garden, can only work in the early and late part of the day.

  3. I love the mountains. They give you such peace.

  4. I had no idea how different the east coast mountains and the west coast mountains were until I drove out west myself. Such a complete and utterly different beauty isn't it? Love this picture and I'm sure you have more in your collection. I'd love to go back someday.

  5. OMG All I can think about is Tim McGraw's song Telluride. Those mountains are gorgeous.