Monday, June 27, 2011

Vision Board Revisited

I spent some time today looking at my vision board.  Usually I make the board on my birthday in March, but this year I did it in January,   I guess I wanted to make sure that I stayed focus this year.  I have used vision boards for several years, they work.  It is a way to define and decide what is important in your life, and what you want to achieve.  For those of you who did not read my post about vision boards......a vision board is a tool, a board if you will, with photos, words, anything depicting the life that you want to live.

Each year, I am amazed at how my life has followed my board.  Today as I looked at my board, I realized that two of the main goals I had placed on my board for this year, have happened.  First, I completed my 200RYT
and second, we did the arbor to our front door, there are still several "visions" on the board that I am working toward.  But it made me feel really good that two had become realities.

I try to look at my board daily, it reminds me of dreams, and wishes, and goals.  Why does the "vision board" work?  Well, it does several things,  as you look for photos, art work, words and phrases that represent your visions, it reinforces what you want, it helps you to focus on what you have decided is important in your life.
Looking at it daily, reminds you to continue working toward what you deemed important.  It causes "conflict" if you will in your brain and gently nudges you to pursue the path you designed on your board.

There are still places to go, things to do,  my "visions" if you will are far from completion.  But, if not this year, I will add them to next year's board(if they are still part of my focus).  That's the beauty of doing a new board each year, as you change, as your priorities change, the board becomes a new map.

For me, my vision board is so much better than making resolutions.
Picking art work, photos, phrases and words that depict the life I want, shows me the path I have chosen, the goals I am trying to reach.  Resolutions for me, are just words on paper, the visual
is what keeps me on tract.

It is never to late, to pursue your "visions" and yes, it is almost July, but that is ok.......after all there are businesses pushing Christmas in July, doing a vision board will have much more lasting effects on your life.  Take some time this coming holiday weekend, get yourself  an iced tea, grab some magazines, glue, and  poster board and choose your path, then map it all out, and gaze at your visions.  I promise if you take just a couple of minutes a day to admire your handiwork, your life will change.   It may be little things at first, or who knows
the big stuff may jump out and surprise you!  Let me know how it goes, and I will keep you posted on
my visions that become realities.


  1. That's an AWESOME idea Jilda. I've never seen these before but I well understand the principles involved. Visualization is a powerful tool.

    It's all about intent and focus. Very cool.

  2. You are such an inspiration to us Jilda.

  3. Sounds a great idea, a bit like showing your goals so you don't lose sight of them.