Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Have Guitar, Will Travel

There is a song by Teddy Thompson......Separate Ways, it is poignant, heartbreaking and filled with truth. I listened to it going to work today, the melody haunts, and yet at times there is almost joy in the melody, but the lyrics are filled with angst.

Here are a couple of the lines that just slay me;
"not all who love are blind, some of us are just too kind
we forgive too much and never speak our mind"

It's one of those songs that as a songwriter, I wished I had written. There is such great truth just in those two lines. I have listened to my favorite songwriters a lot the past couple of days.
We have not played in a couple of weeks, and the itch is almost unbearable. I think I crave the music much like an addict craves the drug, I understand the desire, the need, the truly is not about the money, money has nothing to do with it. It is about letting the song come out, allowing the voice to be heard, and feeling pure unadulterated joy flow through your heart.

I love the energy......and it is a two way is so much fun, for the performer and the audience. If there is perfection in this life for me, then it is out there on the stage, singing and playing. I hope that you all experience that kind of joy, somehow, some way in your lives.
Whether it is shooting an incredible photo, painting beauty on canvas, writing words that touch,
baking the perfect loaf of bread, growing the most beautiful rose, it doesn't matter as long as that creative energy has an outlet, an opportunity to blossom and not be hid under a basket, to be shared.

So tonight, have guitar will travel.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. Music is one of the best ways for me to relax although I do not get the chance to listen to music as often as I would like now days......

  2. thanks for sharing this wonderful post... =D
    Mr Lonely from ~ XD

  3. Another great post Jilda, thanks.

  4. You do a wonderful job describing the musical heart. Do you happen to know Patty Loveless? You remind me of her a bit. She isn't just an awesome singer; she's a very down-to-earth lovable country girl.

  5. Can you imagine my hubby's addictions to music, playing guitar and drug addiction all at the same time. I hope you get to play somewhere soon. For me, I get the benefit of seeing my hubby clean and sober and he plays for me every day.

  6. In the last few days of my hubby's life, while he was in a deep, deep sleep I would play new age music on the digital music channel. I knew at times he liked listening to it because he said it was soothing. The hospice nurses assured me that while he was unresponsive, he could hear everything so I hope it eased his transition into the next life. Music is the universal language.

  7. i love listening to music. In fact if you ask my family they hate me for it. i turn it up too loud and play it too much. If I don't have music on you know there is something wrong with me. i find it is an addiction. I technically am not addicted to the creative process but to certain bands and certain concerts. My sugarfreinds and I have a saying, "We all suffer from OSD and will need SAA one day." OSD stands for Obsessive Sugarland Disorder and SAA stands for Sugarland Addicts Anonymous. Ok now that I write that we may actually have a problem, lol