Sunday, June 19, 2011


Splat, do you really know what it sounds like?  It is a  very descriptive word, but today I actually understood the sound.......splat.  Yesterday I drove down to Sumiton to  the local produce stand, I spend way too much time there.  It's a small family owned business, third generation and they take great pride in their produce.  Some days I  just wish I had a kitchen there and I would cook all day long!

So, I bought fresh corn, vadalia  onions, and beefsteak tomatoes(ours are just starting to ripen, not fast enough)
and fresh melons.....a watermelon that must have weighed at least twenty-five pounds. I had bought a watermelon last week and it was so very sweet and juicy, summer time perfection!  Last night I placed it on my kitchen table, this morning I decided to move it to the kitchen counter top so I could put a  fresh table cloth on the table.  Blackie Bear as always when I am anywhere near the kitchen, decided that I needed his assistance.
His assistance is lying in the middle of the floor, eating.

I was at the table, putting the finishing touch on the cloth and fresh flowers.......I heard  SPLAT.......
you know it, that sound of ripe juicy succulent watermelon hitting the kitchen floor!!!!!!  I turned, I could already smell the sweetness of the melon, then I saw the aftermath......watermelon flesh all over the floor,
all over Blackie Bear,  seeds, juice, pulp......on the dog, on the floor, on the cabinet doors.  Blackie just lay there for a moment looking  stunned, then turned his head back to his bowl and continued to eat his kibble.

All I could do was laugh, it was an explosion of watermelon, red flesh, juice and seeds permeated every inch
of our tiny kitchen and that big old 100 pound black lab/chow mix.  It took me an hour to clean the kitchen and Blackie.....and  tonight as I walked barefoot across the kitchen floor, yep......a little bit of stickiness, a reminder of what SPLAT really sounds like!


  1. Just imagine how few civilians would die if war planes dropped big juicy watermelons on close in residential neighborhoods when they try to get the terrorists. It would also be a bit embarrassing when they shot guns back at planes dropping watermelon.

    [News just reported an error with a NATO bomb in Libya today, killing civilians.]

  2. Did you cry over spalt

    Yeah I know that was lame

  3. YOU are a well balanced woman, who can clean "SPLAT" for an hour, and admit to still finding a little barefoot stickiness.

    I hate sticky! But you just go with the flow. Good for you....Marsha

  4. SPLAT is such a lovely word! I'm glad that you could just laugh at all that mess!! I can just imagine Blackie Bear looking stunned by it all! Hee Hee!

  5. I'm just happy that it didn't land on top of Blackie Bear. That would have hurt. Seems it is surely time for the mop bucket. Been there, done that where the sticky watermellon residue is concerned. Glad you were able to laugh about it.

  6. I hope you were able to salvage some of the melon. After smelling it and cleaning its sticky sweetness off of everything, it would've been sheer torture not to be able to eat any of it.

  7. My 3 would have been fighting over the splat! :) Thank you for stopping by and yes I am doing okay, just been a bit crazy here in KY :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  8. I did manage to save a little of the melon and it was truly sweet and wonderful! Today, every time I walk in the kitchen, Blackie Bear is there looking around for SPLAT melon!