Saturday, June 11, 2011

Better Way

The door is a brilliant new shade of rich royal purple, will take photo tomorrow. We have spent much of the past twenty-four hours at the hospital with Rick's younger sister.
She had emergency surgery, send good thoughts and prayers.

Hospitals are so draining, I think it is the energy of fear, and sadness that permeates every square inch of seems no matter how hard you try to remain positive and upbeat it is a battle.
Maybe it is all the deaths of bodies and spirits, maybe it is just the way our culture looks at healing and dying.
I think gardens and meditation rooms would be really nice, soft music, and lots of windows.......there has got to be a better way of healing.

So, I think a dish of ice cream and a good night's sleep will will see the purple door tomorrow.
good night, sweet dreams


  1. I hope she will be OK! Have sweet dreams Jilda!

  2. I totally agree with you about the energy in hospitals. Even if we can control our own fears if we're the least bit empathetic it's almost impossible not to absorb those of others.

    Sending good thoughts and energy to Ricks sis.

  3. I have spent hundreds of hours in hospitals with my late hubby. Hundreds. The time goes by so slowly while in there and you want to know what is happening every minute but you're made to wait. Our loved ones are so important to us yet they are just one of many to the doctors and nurses. It is truly draining!

  4. Hospitals do not make you feel good. Think you are right about the energy of fear. Glad she came through surgery ok and hope she has a speedy recovery.

  5. I also hope she will be OK. Ice cream makes all times better and hopefully you got some good rest.

  6. I pray she will be well in mind and body soon. I've had good experiences in hospitals when my husband was sick. The hospital here is cheerful and bright with light, but not all hospitals are the same. The one in Vancouver seemed dark and oppressive.