Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good Hands

I visited Doogie Howser young  lung doc.  I had a pulmonary doc for nineteen years, but this past year,
he moved to a hospital that does not take my insurance, so he recommended Doogie. (not his real name)
My original doc had become a dear friend, and I know in my heart that if our paths had not crossed I would not be here today.

Doogie is a good doc, but it has been an interesting budding relationship.  First meeting, I was sick, second meeting I was sick,  he seemed to be rather perplexed that I was  sick the first couple of months that he knew me.  He also seemed uncomfortable with me.  To be honest, I called my other doc and asked for other recommendations, but he kept assuring me that Doogie was an excellent doc.  So, I decided to hang in there.
Doogie mentioned to me today, that he thought  it would be best if  I came to visit when I first feel sick and not wait until I am really sick.  I am thinking, "but you need the challenge, you're young, you need me to keep you on your toes."  But I agreed that it would be best, we also agreed on  regular check-ups, and that I would call if  I need him.

We also got to know each other a little better today. We shared a little personal history, some family info,
and discovered some common ground.  There is some sort of relationship beginning to be built here, I don't think it will be like the one with my other doc, but I do believe that we are dancing the doc/patient dance and we are in step  with each other.  Health care is personal.......and not only do you want a competent doc, but there has to be trust, and respect there too.  I don't want to be a number or a symptom, or a case.  I want my caregiver to at least have some knowledge of who I am as a person.....if my life is in your hands,then please
know me.

So, I left the office today with the satisfaction we both learned  a little about each other,  and that my good health is important to us both, and that we are not strangers any more.  He respected my thoughts that I shared about my treatment and he listened.  I think I am in good hands.


  1. It is important to trust your doctor. I'm glad things are working out.

  2. I don't talk about doctors because I don't go to them. Over my lifetime I could probably count when I have gone to a doctor. As a child, never. One time my brother got chicken pox and had to see a doctor. I did not have any of the childhood diseases, yet my brother had them all. I have had a couple surgeries and follow up checkups and then off to do my own thing again. If you find a doctor you trust you can participate in your own care. Good for you to call your first doctor and reconfirm his opinion of the doctor you are getting to know.

  3. With the need for a pulmonary doc, the fact that your lung capacity allows you to SING is testament that the doc ... and you ... must be doing something right.

  4. Yes you do need to have a doctor who you feel comfortable with and who you trust, thankfully I have not had any serious conditions that doesn't mean I have not seen specialist during my life but no one regular. I do have a good GP though