Monday, June 13, 2011

Let Go

Just for you all tonight.......a bouquet of flowers from my garden!

It has been a long day, there are several family members who are not well. On my way into work today, I found myself stressed and was time to practice what I teach.

I reminded myself that I could love them, send them healing thoughts and love and prayers, but I could not change what was going on in their lives......I had to let go.

So each time I inhaled, I thought the word Let, and each time I exhaled, I thought the word Go...... soon I was softly saying those words over and over.

I had to remind myself, that I can't fix everything.
That I can't be a caregiver for everyone. Let Go.....
it is amazing when you say those two words over and over how things change.

I hope you enjoy the flowers, they are now on my kitchen table.......and yes I am still reminding myself tonight........Let Go.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams........and remember.........Let Go.


  1. This brought some tears to my eyes. I have found it hard to let go sometimes. But it is something we must do.

  2. Thank you for those beautiful flowers from your garden, Jilda. I am going to try to remember your words - let go. I'm afraid that I take on board so much stress because I am always worrying about everyone else - it just gets silly sometimes and, you're right, we can't solve every problem, and make everybody happy. Have a good day my friend.

  3. Thanks for the beautiful flowers and glad you can let go and feel some release

  4. Always enjoy flowers! They are beautiful!

  5. First, I love the purple door! Very fun..and thank you for sharing your flowers with us. Very pretty..and I hope your family members are better and you truly can "let go"..very soon.