Friday, June 17, 2011


Today was the first day since May 27th that the temp was below ninety degrees......I dreamed it rained last night, or rather I dreamed I awoke, heard the rain and thought I must be dreaming.......I wasn't dreaming.
We had rain last night and again was wonderful!

As I drove to work today, the whole world looked clean and fresh, more alive.  Our garden must have grown
three inches since yesterday!  As the rain fell this morning before I left for work, I sat and looked out the window and smiled, it was so energizing.....all that rain falling on a thirsty earth.  Rick and I picked blueberries this evening for waffles in the morning, all the trees and plants seem to  shimmer and dazzle in the sunset, drops of rain hanging like tiny diamonds from every leaf.

The heat will return with a vengeance I'm sure, but more rain for tomorrow.  For now, I am grateful that all around us the rain fell, the day was cool,  and Mother Nature showed her  mercy.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. It took so long for the comment page to load I have forgot what the post was about...........what was it ok I think it was about rain is that right.
    Rain is good it is only when we have it day in and day out for days on end that we get fed up and want it to stop and when I say we here I am me...

  2. Praise God for the refreshing rain and slightly cooler temperatures. We have to take it when it comes and give thanks. Have a wonderful weekend.