Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sweet Spots

Ok, so here is my purple door.......I know it may seem rather strange to have a purple door, but you know it is quite a welcome home. And, it if is your first time to visit, you have to wonder what goes on behind that purple door!

So, the outside of the house is pretty much complete......I am going to repaint the inside, but am taking a break for now and will paint later. What is it about getting your house in order that seems to make the rest of your life become more orderly also? I had started to clean my closet , and had plans to do that this weekend, but since we spent most of the weekend at the hospital with Rick's sister, the closet will get my attention later this week.

It is some more balancing act, working, gardening, playing music, keeping house, and trying to have a life too, and then oh yeah write the blog. We all live such busy lives, I find myself stopping and questioning how I spend my time, do you all do that too? I am quite envious
of Rick some days, with his retirement and all, spending his time doing what he wants.
But, I will find my own way, in my own time.......what I miss most it seems right now, is travel and performing, and spending time with friends. Am I the only one who struggles with balance
in my life.......of course not, we all do. I think balance is sort of like a meditation practice......there are moments when you find that sweet spot and it's heaven...........but it's only moments.

My wish for all of us this week, we grab and hold onto those sweet spots!
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. I love your door. A door like that looks inviting and happy! I'm retired from babysitting most of my life, so now I do have time to do things I love most. I hope you can retire soon too.

  2. See that door has give me a though I might suggest to my oldest daughter to paint her door purple as purple is her favorite colour and I think she would like it......

    Life is a balancing act for all of us.........

  3. The door is simply great! Lovely photo!

  4. Love the purple door. Americans are so afraid of colors like this.

  5. That is one great looking door Jilda and the lady standing in front of it looks might sharp as well. Good luck getting everything balanced and hopefully you will find some "me" time this week.

  6. I love that color Jilda. It just pops out. I'm afraid we are in the opposite mode as you. We have no income so we have no money to do anything. That's why I blog so much and read so much. That's about all there is to do. We'd love to have little projects to work on but it costs cash and that's not available. I hope you can get to slow down a bit so you can enjoy more of those down times to relax.