Friday, July 1, 2011


Life is short, I seem to say that every day now......but it's true, even if I live to be 100 years old. This week has been a golden opportunity, for me to think and re-evaluate my life.  I suppose we all do this from time to time.....
we get a wake up call, a scare, a bucket of cold water thrown in our face.  I tell myself that I am making every minute count, but then, you know the happens.  There are fires to be put out,  friends who need a shoulder, plans and dreams are put on hold......and you go along until one of the  fires is you.......then you know
it is time to re-evaluate, to be honest and truthful to yourself,
and hopefully you will have friends and family in your life that will lend you a shoulder.

Today is July 1st.......that is impossible!  2011 is half over, this cannot be!  See how short life is?
Unless you're twenty-one or three, and then time is dragging by, so slow, will it ever speed up? When does the curve and a switch in lanes happen? One day you're looking out the window of a high school class room, praying to leave and spread your wings, and in the blink of an're on a roller coaster going so fast it takes your breath.

It has been a beautiful day, a sky that was so blue and cloudless it looked like a technicolor movie, warm and low humidity.  I had wonderful classes, Jordan spent the morning with me,  I got a phone call that made my day,  Rick picked Ingrid up from the car doc.  Little things maybe, but today......those little things were incredibly special.  I am not going to wear my watch this weekend, I want to savor the the minutes, and hold them dear, because  you is short, even if I live to be 100. 


  1. I'm surprised when I think of my did this happen? Wasn't I just a kid? But talking to my Mom who is 85, she's even more surprised than me! I never wear a watch, but time passes anyway...have fun weekend and enjoy your life!

  2. Yes I often think that life is short although in fact it is one of the longest think most of us will ever do but as you said even if we live to be 100 it will not seem long enough.

    That said I can remember my aunt would often say during the last say 5 years of her life that she was ready to go be with the father in heaven and she was tired of living as there was nothing else left for her to see or do.......

    I often wonder if I will get to that point in life and I hope not, I wouldn't mind living to be 100 but only if I have all my faculties (maybe spelt wrong).If I am like my nan and not long with it she has Alzermiers I don't want to just go on and on just existing and not living.

  3. Sometimes it's hard to imagine that I am actually 64 even though I don't feel that old. Then I look at Aunt Katie who is 102 and looks like she is in her 60's. We have to just savor the moments and look for the good in everything. I know Linda & I will as we leave in a couple of hours for the Celebrity Dairy and the waiting goats to hug. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

  4. True that life is short, one more reason to enjoy every second!

  5. Lots of good thoughts in this post. I have been thinking of age this week; my mom will be 90 in a week. I am 65 but not any signs of slowing down yet. I am using a walking tape every day right now, and doing some outside walking some of the time. Trying to be more limber and stick to it long enough to get past the tired place and know that when I move enough I have more energy.