Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer's Bounty

Summer's bounty........tomatoes right out of our garden......juicy, ripe, perfection.
But we had four inches of rain today, and more coming, so we are having to pick the tomatoes early so they don't split.  That is ok, they will still be wonderful.

In the morning, I'll pick the jalapenos, they are giants this summer and perfect for stuffing and grilling.

I wish I could share this bounty with all of you.
Cook meals for you, sit on the deck and watch the sunset.......and laugh.

For those who do not have gardens, get thee to a farmer's market, the produce is worth the trip!

Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. I am more of a fruit person and yes I know tomatos are a fruit but I still do not like them......

  2. Farmer's markets are fab!!!

    Yay for your bounty - look at these gorgeous tomatoes!! Enjoy your garden and have a great day too! Take care

  3. Tomatoes haven't come in yet, in our part of the world Jilda...I sit waiting. We are just picking peaches.
    But when they do...let the cooking begin!

  4. Amen Jilda!! There is so much joy just walking around a farmers market looking at all the yummy veggies, baked goods, flowers and so much more. We are blessed with a great farmers market. Everyone should support theirs.

  5. There are few things better than a fresh 'mater off the vine, on a soft white bread sandwich with lots of mayo, salt & pepper. Looks like you must have quite a few plants. We only have three, but we've been thoroughly enjoying our bounty, too.

  6. Please send some of that rain here to SC. We are drought stricken really bad. Can't remember the last time it rained. All the corn crops around us are dying fast. You can send some of those tamaters my way too! yummmm. Tomato sandwich with salt and mayonnaise. I could live on them.

  7. ok Barb, get out this evening and do some rain dancing my friend!