Sunday, July 17, 2011


I love to be barefoot, I work barefoot, and I encourage my students to spend at least a few minutes a day I am reading about Earthing, a new therapy that says that the simple act of   your
bare feet touching the earth can improve your health.  According to the book, Earthing:The Most Important
Health Discovery Ever? the electrical energy of the earth, and its connection to our circadian rhythms play a role in regulating sleep, stress, metabolism and reduction of inflammation in our bodies.

I know it's strange, but being barefoot has always made me feel a kid I never wanted to wear shoes!  I have practiced this Earthing for the past week, what I can tell you is this......the chronic arthritis pain that I have had for years has eased a great deal, and my energy levels have been much higher. My sleep, well, there have been some bizarre things take place this week, so my sleeping has not been great. But things are back to normal, we'll see how tonight goes.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra, who is coauthor of the book, Earthing says " when your skin comes into contact with the ground, millions of negatively charged particles are absorbed into the body. Once in the blood, these negative ions neutralize the positively charged free radicals that cause inflammation, and people feel better."
It is suggested you spend forty minutes per day, bare feet on the ground.  I have averaged twenty to thirty minutes, and it has made a difference.  I have been walking barefoot, but what I have read is, that you can just sit with bare feet touching the ground, grass or sand, you get the results.

In yoga, we talk a lot about being grounded, about connecting to the earth........I think regaining that connection, fresh air, sunshine, bare feet on the ground, pure water, fresh fruits and vegetables, I believe  all of these make us feel better.  So, I will continue to spend as much time as I can bare foot, it feels great to walk on the grass.....and this evening I walked through the garden in my bare feet, felt the soil between my toes and enjoyed every minute of it. Now, I just have to make it to the beach soon, LOVE to walk in the sand!
I like this "earthing"!


  1. This is very interesting, Jilda. I'll have to try it.

  2. Hi Jilda,
    I've always been a barefoot kinda girl! And I have never done my Yoga with anything other than barefeet. I'm gonna head to the beach this weekend with all the family so I am gonna have the toes in the water the ass in the sand effect going on! And I'll be one dang fine happy Southern gal!

    Happy Week for you and yours..

  3. I only ever wear anything on my feet when I really have to. My daughters are the same. I had to make one of them put something on her feet to go to the shop the other day :)

  4. I think I'd be more inclined to walk barefoot if my feet touch actual earth rather than concrete and the city. But I do love the feel of a chamomile lawn under my feet! Take care

  5. That is so interesting to know and I will try to experience it too. Thanks.

  6. I tend to be barefoot when at home but it isn't possible where I work, what with all the hypodermic needles and dog muck lying about.

  7. OK, are you ready for this? I know Dr. Sinatra. He was my husbands cardiologist back in the 90's. His wife was also my therapist for a short time as well as a great supporter for me. What a small world. She even hosted a cookout for our cardiac support group at his summer house.

    I am and have always been a barefoot gal. I had my feet feeling confined. The only time I ever even wear socks in the winter is if it's seriously freezing outside. It's healthy and makes me feel so free and happy.

  8. Oh Jilda I used to love being barefoot! But alas as we age (women especially) our foot pads tend to wear down making walking barefoot painful. Something to do with estrogen levels and menopause I guess.
    I do however still enjoy the feeling of the cool grass under my feet when sitting in my yard, it really does help! Love Di ♥

  9. Hmmmm....some good food for thought. I bet if I put this past my Chiro Hubby he would say, "I know that!" although I'm barefoot in the house I'm usually in sandals outside..afraid of stepping on a bee perhaps? I just have to try this!