Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random Thoughts

My friend Terri and I talked awhile at work today.  I mentioned to her how often I think of students who have moved on, wondering how they are, how their lives are going.  Terri looked at me and said something rather profound, "you know those are not random thoughts, they need your energy and love and prayers".

I think Terri is right.  I think when you think of those you love, your friends and family, there is a reason that they come into your thoughts.  Maybe they are struggling, maybe they need to feel a little extra love, or they need a prayer for strength or healing.  I have felt that way for a long time.......and speaking with Terri just enforced my thoughts.  Isn't if funny how thoughts of others drift through our consciousnesses ......often it's just  wondering how they are......but sometimes, they stay in your thoughts off and on for days.  Do you pick up the phone and call, or e-mail or  let those thoughts just float away?

I know that when a friend calls me out of the blue and says "I was thinking about you" is wonderful, it makes me feel so special, so loved and appreciated.  Those random thoughts are our connections, our mental phone lines, our reminders that we are incredible energy and that energy moves through the universe.

Often when I think of one of my students, I have no way to reach let them know that my thoughts are with them, that I love and care for them......but I hope that my thoughts, my love reaches through the  miles, and they feel that gentle tug at their hearts, and they know that they are loved.  If I could I would call them every day, or send a note.......I suppose that would be too much.  But in this world, in this life, are we really told we're loved enough, are we hugged enough, do we know that others really care?

Random thoughts, fleeting memories, of people that come into our lives, that touch our hearts in ways we never dreamed.  I wake up at night sometimes and see faces, of those I have taught, I say a blessing for them, and hope that all is well.  Those random thoughts, I suppose they will flit through my brain forever, but that is ok, my life is better because I have met those people, that created  those random thoughts.


  1. The sentiments in this post are so spot on and beautiful, you might consider using them as the basis for a song.

  2. What a lovely thought, and a reminder for me to get in touch with a few people.

  3. There has been many times when I will think of a pen pal and I'm thinking I have not heard from them in a while and will start a letter to them only to find one in the mail that day......

    I have a friend who is dying of cancer and I think of her a lot she lives in a different state so I can not just go and visit her but I do think of her a lot and I often say a prayer for her, as she is a really nice woman with a good heart.

  4. What a beautiful post today Jilda. I really enjoyed it. I'd never thought about it before, but the more I've thought about it, the more I think that it is probably quite true that when people just come into your mind, it could well be for a reason, and perhaps they do just need a call from us at that particular time. Food for thought my friend. Thank you!

  5. You certainly have a way of redirecting us to better patterns for our lives and I really appreciate that a lot.

  6. Thanks for more food for thought~