Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ten Things

I read a new book Sunday morning....yes, that is correct, I started it and could not put it down.
My wonderful friends from Florida gave it to me, their good friend, Echo Garrett is one of the writers.
The book......My Orange Duffel Bag.  It is a true story based on Sam Bracken's life, but it also is motivational and inspirational.  I have never seen a book format like this one,  lots of photos, unusual paper, and cover.

Sam Bracken is general manager of FranklinCovey Media Publishing, his story will break your heart and then encourage and lift your spirit.  Check it out on Amazon.com.

One of the things that Sam suggests in the book is to write down ten things you like about yourself.  So that is what I suggest to you all tonight.  Don't you think we spend way too much time tearing ourselves down?
So, be kind tonight or tomorrow, and write down ten things you like about yourself.

Ok, I knew this was coming........I'll do it.
1. I like my unusual voice.
2.I like my blue eyes.
3.I like my kindness
4. I like my ability to make people feel comfortable
5. I like my strength
this is not so easy to do......but I am getting there with some thought.
6. I like my cooking skills
7. I like my sense of humor
ok, I admit this is way tougher than I thought.......
8. I like the fact that kids, dogs and old people like me
OMG,  this is hard!!!!
9. I like, damn, there has to be two more things......I like that I can be trusted.
10. I like that I have always worn my heart on my sleeve.
Wow, glad it wasn't twenty, I would have been here all night!

So, brave soul that I am, I did it, wrote down ten things I like about myself for all the world to see.
Your turn now.


  1. That was great Jilda.
    1. I like my quiet spirit
    2. I like my cooking talents
    3. I like my desire to help others
    4. I like my ability to stick with something I believe in.
    5. I like my love of travel
    6. I like sharing with my blog family
    7. I like how I feel about myself at 64 years of age.
    8. I like my love of nature and all of God's creation
    9. I like that I am slow to anger
    10. I like that my girls know they can come to me with anything.

  2. 1. I like that I am learning what I do like.
    2. I like my connection to nature.
    3. I like that I have learned to forgive.
    4. I like that I live in the present.
    5. I like that I use my brain.
    6. I like that I wake up happy to be alive.
    7. I like that I know how to relax.
    8. I like that I am versatile, willing to change directions or plans.
    9. I like my skin.

  3. 1. I like that I don't take myself too seriously.
    2. I like that I am loyal.
    3. I like that I am fit and active.
    4. I like that I appreciate my surroundings.
    5. Err...
    6. I'll get back to you on this.

  4. I like that I have friends like you and Rick.
    Thank you for the birthday greeting.

  5. Yay!!!! I'm no. 100 follower!! Time to crack open the champers bottles!!! :-)

    Jilda you are more than a perfect 10! Take care