Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Even though it was over 100 today, this evening you could feel the very first kiss of fall in the air.  Normally our clouds and rain blow in from the west, but in the fall there are days the systems come in from the east......that happened today.  We didn't get rain, but the clouds rolled in, and a cool breeze swept the heat and humidity to parts unknown.  I sat on the deck for a few minutes, looked at the sky and felt the breeze, even though it will be a couple of months before any coolness appears, you could feel change.

I really do try to live each day in the present, but oppressive heat and humidity are great tests for me, because I find myself longing for fall.  Sometimes in July and August, I find myself just existing, waiting for September, praying for October.  I have to remind myself, focus on the present!  The heat brings all those luscious ripe tomatoes that I love to eat, all those incredible fruits, the flowers and lush greens of the forest around us.

One of the great summer pleasures that I truly loved, going to the beach.  My mom and dad would take my kid brother and I  and any of our friends who wanted to tag along.  Some years we stayed a week, some years two weeks, in an old cement block cottage with a screened in porch at Laguna Beach Florida.
There was a post office, a couple of little everything shops, you know they had groceries, souvenirs, beer and pool tables and air hockey.  My dad taught me how to shoot pool there.  At least once  a week, we would go to Panama City Beach, there was  something similar to a boardwalk,  games, carnival rides.   Back then, it was not the Emerald Coast, just sleepy little villages that happened to be on the gulf of Mexico.

I miss summer vacations,  I think I could make it  through the summer so much better with one. Last year when we went to Telluride in July, it was wonderful .   I miss vacations, it just seems we never take them, why is that ?  We go places, but it is to perform or for workshops, etc.  Vacations were ingrained me as a child,
it is a part of my life that I miss. That is something that has always appealed to me about Europe, they go on is about getting away from the everyday(no matter how wonderful that everyday is) to experience new places, food, people and a change in climate.  It is good for the soul, and the body.

So tonight, I have gone from grasping at the future (fall) to longing for the past (vacations)........I have truly strayed from the present!  Think it is time for.....Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. Everybody needs to get away from it all every so often. It's good for the soul, cleans out the cobwebs in your head and revives you somehow. I used to take mini vacations when I was married only an hour from home by myself. My husband knew I needed them and some days he'd come join me for dinner and then go home. He was the best like that.

  2. I know I need a holiday and have no idea when I will get one, it is so cold here today that I long to be able to go somewhere warmer but not going to happen.........

  3. Hi Jilda,
    My family went to the same beach every year on the Fl panhandle. We would go to a place called Dune Allen Beach. Like your family we would stay either one or two weeks. Some years we would even stay a month.

    I'm looking forward to our beach trip.........
    Hugs~ and go check out your old beach favs!

  4. A holiday would be wonderful. Maybe next year.

    Autumn is my favourite time of year too.

  5. Awww - I think you and your beloved should plan one for next year - a beach holiday!! Yay! take care

  6. Remembering the joyful times of the past is a good thing, don't you think? I don't have many of them so each one is a gift. Your vacations at the beach with your family sound like a lovely experience.

    If summer vacations are healing and happy times for you, put it out to the universe and plan on the summers to come to include vacations.

  7. For most of my life I didn't take vacations and would just take long weekends & stay around the house. When I married Linda that all changed. We started taking vacations every year and now we have to get away and get refreshed. Hope you get relief soon.

  8. We haven't had a vacation for about 3yrs..and you're right, why is that? When I was a kiddo we always took 2wks in July. We'd plan all winter with the book that listed all the campgrounds and we would pick out the best ones to where ever we were going. We camped all over the US and had a ball doing it. Thanks for reminding me of these good times!