Friday, July 15, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures.......I have my share, but this weekend is one of my favorites.....hanging out in a hotel room.
I know, how sick is that???? but you know,  I am reading, checking all your blogs, practicing yoga, and playing guitar.......ME TIME!!!!!!
I came with Rick to a  writer's conference in Huntsville, so he is downstairs being the "author" and here I sit, feeling so guilty(HA!)  NO laundry, no phones to answer, nothing that I have to do, I didn't even go to work today.  I have needed this weekend for a very long time, and I almost didn't come, yep you guessed it......started thinking about all that "stuff" I needed to do.......and then good sense finally ruled and I told Rick I was coming with him.
It's raining, and I am looking out the window at the space center.  All is quiet, I am already in my pj's(it's only eight pm!) By the time Rick comes up to the room, I will probably be snoring.  I had such an adrenalin rush after our gig last night, I barely slept, and guess what!? They have already e-mailed me asking us to play again in August! Yes, I am smiling.
So, now you know one of my guilty pleasures, all those years I spent on the road.....the best part, hanging in a hotel room.  The worst, being homesick.
I am yawning now, so this really comfy bed is beckoning me, and I can not resist it's call any longer.
Good night, Sweet dreams.......oh yes, I hope you all get to experience your guilty pleasures soon.


  1. Nothing that brings you pleasure and doesn't hurt anyone else should be guilty. You NEED this. At least this is what I tell myself when I unwrap yet another bar of chocolate :)

  2. Sounds like a much deserved and heavenly weekend! Rainy night and a comfy bed...whooee!


  3. Excellent getaway for you! Enjoy it all.

  4. Good for you Jilda, that is one of my favorite things to do as well when Linda & I take off and stay at a B & B with "no" TV and I can really relax. So glad you took the time for yourself.

  5. It is hard to relax in your own home because there is so much to do. I'm glad you got away from it all.

  6. Don't forget to play with the trouser press and nick the soap.

  7. I have had my fair share of going to Jack's conferences and waiting in the room or going off exploring where ever we are. It's fun! My son plays a mean guitar and has recently started playing some gigs with his buddies. I'm so happy he's playing again because he loves it so much. Everyone should have a passion! Enjoy your weekend!