Friday, July 8, 2011

Who Cares For You?

A student asked me a haunting question today, "who cares for you"?  I have thought a lot about it, and it made me wonder, "who cares for you"?   We are all caregivers of sorts, some are rearing children, some are teachers,
some care for everyone who crosses their path.  Caring for someone is an honorable thing, not caring for ones'self,......not so good.

Most of us have probably at one time or another, pushed ourselves way beyond the limit.  But it is those of us who push that limit daily, there's the danger zone.  There will be a meltdown, a crash and burn if you will....maybe not today, or even tomorrow.......but the day will come.

You've reached the danger zone when you no longer recognize your self, when those around you, no longer know  who you are. I've been there, and I am not even sure how I made my way back.  I believe music played a part, but so did yoga.  There is a saying in the yoga community, yoga heals.  I think yoga played a great part in my did the love of family and friends who never gave up on me.

I have tried very hard the past few years to take much better care of rest, to laugh, to spend time doing nothing, and to look at the world in amazement.  It is not easy, not for me, to put myself first, but I have learned for my is necessary.  I admit, I am stubborn, and tend to think that I am indestructible.... that is so silly, but that is how my brain thinks much of the time......I bet for many of you, your brain thinks the same exact way.  Why are  we wired that way? what strange twist of fate took us down that path???? not sure,
but choices can be made for the good of ourselves in every situation.

So tonight, "who cares for you"?'s ok you know, to let someone else lend a hand.  To let someone else help, to talk to someone, to let someone else know and see your weakness and your strength.
Once again........"who cares for you"?


  1. Who cares for me...........haven't got a clue as I feel I am the one doing all the caring in this family yes I put myself last all the time even today when I wanted to spend the day watching shows I recorded and relaxing, instead I have spent the day looking after my grandson yet again........I know I have to make time for myself but some how I never seem to focus on me and no one else does either...........even if I hint for my family to do somthing for me it goes over their heads.............

  2. After babysitting my grandchildren for years and having a breakdown, I now take care of myself. I say no when I didn't before. I rest a lot, I do things I want to do every day along with the things I don't particularly want to do (cooking & cleaning). If I am going to be of help to anyone, I have to take care of myself.

  3. That is so true Jilda. We really do have to take care of ourselves, otherwise we can be no good to others. Thank you for reminding us.

  4. I have been so used to taking care of others and still am doing so! But I have recently had to slow down and except help from family and friends. I've really not had a choice. And it's really not so bad!!
    Love Di ♥

  5. I think back to Christmas day of 2008 when I hit my lowest point ever and thought no one cared anything about me and decided I needed to end my cruel existence on this planet and almost succeeded with sleeping pills but praise God I received the help I needed and then realized how I could have turned to a lot of people like my 3 girls and so many other relative that truly love me. Depression is a tough enemy we can overcome if we choose to. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

  6. That's a good question Jilda...I know many people who care "about" me, but I guess it's really up to me to first care about my health and happiness. I'm sure if any tragedy happened friends and relatives would swarm, because in my family that's what we do. But it's the everyday that is also so important.

  7. Who cares for me? I finally do. It is my responsibility to take care of me and not depend on anyone else. Fortunately, my hubby is a helpmate. I knows he cares deeply, and he will help care for me when I need it.

  8. This is beautiful. I found you through your husband's blog. Looking forward to reading more from both of you :)