Monday, July 11, 2011

A Silent Retreat

I told one of my classes today that I want to go on a silent retreat..........they all laughed.  I guess it does seem rather strange, but I talk alot, and sing alot........and I listen alot.  A silent retreat just appeals to me, no talking, some days that sounds like heaven.
I had a friend who was a minister and he told me he did a silent retreat weekend at a monastery.  He laughed and told me the first couple of hours were great, and after twenty four hours, he was playing every commercial, every song, and every conversation he could think of, in his head.

For most of us, sitting in silence for just a few minutes can be excruciating, days might just push some of us over the edge.  But I want to do it.......there is a part of me that every once in awhile.....craves solitude and silence.
The solitude, I have to is the only way I can keep my sanity.  It has nothing to do with not loving the people around me, it has everything to do with loving myself.  The silence I cling to in moments, maybe a few hours here and there.

I think the need for solitude and silence becomes greatest when I am burning the candle at both ends, when fatigue is the only sensation I feel, and a ringing phone makes me grit my teeth.  I bet you all have been there, probably some of you are there right now.   All I can tell you is what I do, when I can't flee or become a recluse.......I breathe, I walk, I write and stand in the shower and cry, because I don't have time for a bath.
And I tell myself over and over, this too shall pass.

So the silent retreat is on  my bucket list.......a weekend would probably be the perfect fix for me......or maybe I would be like my friend and twenty four hours would push me over the edge.  Anybody out there want to join me in silence????


  1. I would like to join you, but I know I'd be the first one to crack a joke and get us both thrown out!

  2. I have done this before. It was a beautiful experience and they also had a labyrinth to walk that was quite lovely. Solitude and silence don't equate to loneliness and a dearth of introspection for me.

    I hope you get the opportunity to experience this soon.


  3. I once read a book about a man who went up in the mountains for forty days to meditate on God. He had an amazing experience. It is funny, but I have felt like you lately. I want to try a silent retreat of my own. I'm not sure when or where yet, but I'm going to do it.

  4. I am ready anytime Jilda. Don't know how long I could last but I sure would like to try.

  5. When I told my husband a few weeks ago, that I wanted to be silent for a day, he looked at me as if I were nuts! So Yes, I would love to join you. I would love to try a couple of days although it would drive my husband insane. He is an over the road truck driver and we talk on the phone all of the time. I think he'd go crazy without me.
    Still, one day, I would like to try it. Love Di ♥

  6. Me!! Yes please!

    If I could make it so, everyday would be a silent retreat day!

    I hope you get to go to one - I truly believe there is joy in really listening.

    Take care