Monday, July 18, 2011


Some days I hear so much sadness, so many heartbreaking stories........I just don't think I can hear another one....and then yep, you guessed it, one more comes along, sadder than all the rest.  Today has been that kind of day, as I sit here and type these keys, I am trying to let go.......but I am engulfed and overwhelmed.

The saddest story came from a close friend tonight, and right now it is unspeakable for me.......I am just trying to process, and figure out if there is anything, anyway, I can help.  This yin and yang of life is not easy, and believe me, I know it all has to go full circle,that is the rhythm of life, but knowing does not make it better.

I sit here, barely able to breathe, the sadness and the pain seems to swallow me up, I want to cry, and there are no tears. It is one of those times when the breath has been knocked out, you know it will come back, and tomorrow will be another day, but for now you dangle.

Life is full of surprises, I wish they were all good......but this too shall pass.  Tonight, for all the sad stories, I pray that those lives know love, they know peace, and they know joy and that tomorrow will be better.


  1. Your prayers will help them, Jilda. You need to let this pain go upward and leave it all in the hands of God.

  2. I think the worst is when people are immune to such stories. I wish your friend all the best and I hope she gets through this ok - with the support and help of friends like you! take care

  3. Oh, sadly I recognize that just is crushing and nothing to do but absorb the pain and breathe in and out until it abates. I will be thinking of you and your friend and hoping your spirits get some ease.


  4. Like Belle said, don't hold it in. Remember the song words "oh what needless pain we bear when we fail to carry everything to God in prayer". Hope I got that right, but you get the idea my sweet friend. Take care of Jilda, OK?

  5. Caring about your friend is commendable. I hope things change and become bearable for your friend and that whatever life lessons are needed are accepted.

  6. Keep on praying. I like you hate sad surprises. Yet things do change and there will be happiness for this person once again. It was what I had to hold onto after the death of my husband. The sadness is still here, even after 6 years, but ever so often Joy of living creeps through.