Friday, July 15, 2011

A Song

My horoscope in the local newspaper today was an interesting one.....Aries......if you have a song in your heart you have to sing it. A song unsung turns into excess baggage, express yourself.  Rick and I played a songwriter in the round gig at Daniel Day Gallery in Birmingham tonight.  It was wonderful!  The Gallery is one of the best I have ever seen, it is like someone brought this incredible gallery from San Francisco and placed it in Birmingham.
Daniel and his wife, Melody have provided an oasis....for artists and  musicians.

I love singing.  It doesn't matter if the crowd is large or small, the joy that fills my heart each time I sing is immeasurable.  The other writers on the stage were awesome, George Griffith and Daniel Day.  The four of us were very different, yet our styles complimented each other.  The audience got their money's worth tonight.

So tonight, I listened to my horoscope,  I expressed myself........I don't need any extra baggage!
It is almost Friday morning, time to, you guessed it........Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. Wish I could have heard you...

    So she poured out the liquid music of her voice to quench the thirst of his spirit. ~Nathaniel Hawthorn


  2. I'm an Aires too, March 24th, but I try not to sing so anyone can hear me even though I do love to sing along when something I really like is playing.
    It is 2:10 PM on friday so my day is getting shorter. Have a great evening.

  3. My birthday is March 23, Odie!
    Claudia, I am going over next week to shop, wish you were here!