Tuesday, July 19, 2011


My legacy.......some people leave a legacy of children, of money, of property, etc.  Mine......plants.  I have plants that belonged to my grandmothers from the early sixties.
This bleeding heart belonged to my paternal grandmother, passed on to my mom, and then to me.

It is an amazing plant.  In the winter, the leaves fall off and there are just bare sticks, but as the sun in the early spring warms those sticks, tiny green leaves appear, and by mid-summer.......its hearts are bleeding.  Tiny, perfect white flowers, with drops of "blood" dripping from them.
All summer there is beauty in the lush green leaves, the pure white flowers, and the deep crimson drops.

This legacy is scary.  To have the responsibility of  these old plants, to keep them alive, and thriving.......I have learned that it is as much love, as anything else.  I love their beauty, the fact that they have stood the test of time.
And there is comfort in knowing  that they could be here 100 years from now.  I have given cuttings to friends and family, and I hope that these cuttings create a legacy of their own.  There is something, mystical, spiritual and soothing about old plants. They are a treasure, to be revered and respected, a gift to be passed on to those who will see their value.

Then there is that thread of connecting, to think that my grandmother Mamie,  once watered and cared for the plant that I care for today. I know that she loved plants, she knew their worth and their value.....and that is something that she passed on to me.  I hope that someday, someone, friend or family will want this legacy, will see and honor the value of these beautiful plants.......I don't want this legacy to end with me.


  1. When my great aunt passed away my mum went out to aunts house and took a cutting from her rose plants and took it home and replanted it and those roses are so wonderful both me and mum love them. Aunt planted the roses when sometime in the early 70's and during the 80's and onwards no and I mean no one tended to them but ever year without fail they burst into bloom and these roses mean more to us then money every could...........

  2. I don't think I've ever seen that plant before. I love it.

  3. Plants so have history deep within their roots. I love your legacy - I hope it spreads far and wide and forever!! It's brilliant and very beautiful! Take care

  4. A beautiful plant and an amazing story. Something for all of us to think about.

  5. pretty intimidating Jilda having the responsibility of a plant! I think I might be constantly taking cuttings just in case something happened.
    My poor potted plants seem to constantly get infected by something, or provide a delicious lunch bar for some bug or other!

  6. Your plants are a wonderful legacy and provide a sense of connectivity between the past, present, and future. But don't sell yourself short. Your compassion for others, and your music, will leave something beautiful of you behind, as well.

  7. I bet your nephew Jordan will appreciate that plant because of all that you taught him so far.

  8. What a great way of looking at passing on plants, this is a living thing that can be passed down and has much more meaning that simple property.

  9. That is such a responsibility!! I have a Lamb's Ear that my mother gave me before she passed away in 09'.
    It's doing very well.
    You seem to have a green thumb Jilda!
    Love Di ♥