Saturday, July 2, 2011

What Do You Want

An update.......I am still writing my "what do I want " list every week.  We had lunch today in Huntsville with a couple of our good friends.  Actually, she is the one who several months ago looked at me and said "look, you spend all your time helping others, what do you want?"  It floored me when she asked that simple question.
No one had asked me in years what I wanted, I guess everyone thought that life was good,  and that I had no wants.  That  question shook me to the bone, and it was a life changing experience.........I sat down a few days later and wrote across a sheet of paper, the words.......What Do I Want.

I shed a few tears as I begin to answer that question.  It's just four words, so simple, but life shaping, life changing.  Since then, weekly I have written those words in my planner, and made my list .  It is not a complicated list,  I want to write songs that are in movies and tv shows,  I want to play a couple of gigs a month,
I want to travel and perform,  I want to  continue to teach yoga, I want to spend more time with my friends.
Also on the list was reaching my 200RYT and getting the house done......those have been accomplished.

It's funny how just writing something down on paper begins to change your life.  Just like the vision board that I wrote about a few days ago........seeing it, makes it more believable.  I am forever indebted and grateful to my friend, and I told her that at lunch today.......she told me that years ago, someone had cared enough to ask her that same changed her life.
So tonight, for all of you........What Do You Want?


  1. Hi Jilda,
    I have a theory that things don't just happen in life. Call it what you will but some life forces draw people, thoughts whatever together. Or perhaps I clicked on the right spot on Rick's blog and saw Jilda's blog and had my interest peaked Just enough. Either way, I've been reading some of your previous posts and was drawn into your musings. Hook. Line. Sinker.
    I will have to ponder on what I want. I'm a giver in life so it is always hard for me to think of myself in that way. Usually what I want is for my loved ones to be well loved and eager to get the most out of their lives.

    Thanks for shaking me out of complacency.

    I'll be following now...

  2. What do I want.............this is a big question I really have no idea what I want it is something I will have to really think about.

    I hope you manage to achieve all that you want in life

  3. Someone asked me that question a couple years ago and at that time I had no answer. It was as if she were speaking a foreign language. But it took hold and so many things have changed in my life since then, all of it entwined in much recovery. Today I want to continue growing and learning and recovering.

    Good for you to have your list and use it.

  4. I did a bucket list last year..I'm still working on it and was so surprised by what I found to write down! I think it's a great question and I hope to accomplish all I've written...but today I would just like electric!

  5. Like probably so many others what I want is usually tied to my 3 girls and grand children. I am OK is they are OK. My only real concerns for me is continued good health and being able to loose some weight. Pretty simple for me Jilda.

  6. It's amazing to me how a few short years ago I didn't even know who Jilda Phillips Watson was. Now I see your "want" list and realize how similar ours are. Like one reader said, people in your life don't just happen. We are put in each others lives for a reason. Sometimes we know, sometimes we don't. I'm thankful to the Fate Powers you folks were put in mine.

  7. I'm working on something similar right now. It's called a Needless Program. Basically you write down your needs, steps to get them met, and then make the change permanent so you don't have that need any more.
    I was shocked, and still am, that once I sat down with it I really had no idea what my needs were. I'm still struggling to articulate them - let alone make the necessary changes!
    Part of it is admitting those needs and believing that they will ever actually happen.