Wednesday, July 13, 2011


One of my students gave me, what I think might be the best compliment I have ever received yesterday. A little background info before I share the story, I touch, I hug, I believe with all my heart in the power of touch.
I believe touch comforts and heals, and without it, we might as well turn to stone. Now I also realize that there are people who for whatever reasons, do not want to be touched, and that is their chosen path.
Often during my class, I touch( and yes I always ask permission) I touch hands, feet, foreheads, I do temple massages with lavender oil and I hug.

My student told me yesterday, that he and his friends trusted me more than anyone else they knew(besides themselves) that no one was allowed to touch them when they had their eyes closed, and that to allow me to touch them was major.  I cried, because I knew exactly what he and his buddies were saying to me, and  their words touched my soul.  Their trust, their belief in me was one of my most humbling experiences ever. And yes they hugged me after class.

Through the years, I have seen moms who let their babies cry incessantly, and it appeared that they never comforted them.  I wonder what kind of adults those babies became.......were they cold  and aloof, or did they crave to be touched.  I think probably, my mom let me do my fair share of crying.....she was not big on hugs......and I admit I am  one of those who grew up craving to be touched.  There are much worse things I could crave.

I know this, if I am sick, touch truly makes me feel better......when I am sad, a hug changes my world,
if someone holds my hand and tells me they appreciate something I have done, holding my hand means as much to me as the words.  Often a touch says so much more than words......I remember the last hug I got from my dad, ( twenty years ago) and to this day, I remember his touch and the smell of his skin.

You can fake it with words, but not with touch......there is something in the very core of our being that knows when a hug is authentic, when a touch is sincere.   We're energy, quite simply, and we do react to other energies we come in contact with.  That is why a touch can be healing, soothing, caring, loving or sensual.....why the words can sound like honey, but the touch can  be cold as ice.  The power of touch,  it is to honored, revered, respected......and I believe, to be used.


  1. I have a touchy feely family we hug and kiss each other every time we meet or say goodbye. My dad came from a very different family his parents and aunts and uncles did not hug or kiss each other or say "I love you" very often and even when they did it felt odd and not natural.....My husband also came from a family that did not hug or kiss or say "I love you" but both men have found it easy to do all that with their own children and my hubby will never leave the house without giving me a kiss and saying he loves me.............

    I have a nephew Dawson who loves to give hugs but his mother's side of the family do not do those type of things...........

    It must have really made you feel great to hear a student say that to you..........

  2. I really need my husband's hugs. Wonderful post.

  3. I grew up with my Mother saying 'Oh Huggable Loveable' and doing just that. My family and my husbands are big huggers. I have a DIL who has a hard time with it and understand her awkwardness.

    YOU touched my heart with your words thank you!


  4. All I can say is that I am a huger. So are my kids and husband. Some people don't know how to take it but those that know me well hug back!!
    Good for you! Love Di ♥

  5. Touch is so important in life. I remember setting up a massage for my late hubs and he refused to go. He could not accept a total stranger touching him. Yes he was very affectionate with me and our kids/grandkids but he grew up in abusive foster homes so I can only imagine. Massage is my favorite because of the touch and the soothing warmth it brings. That was a huge compliment you received. So here's my hug to you today! (((Hugs)))

  6. I agree with all you said and you "touch" me on a daily basis my friend.

  7. Cuddles from loved ones are nice!! Take care