Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Broken Hearts

Broken hearts.......not always broken because of romance gone bad.  Some hearts get broken by circumstance, others get broken by bad choices, some get broken by fate.  I have had a broken heart.......by all of the above.
I know that you make it through, hopefully wiser.

I have broken hearts(by all of the above), but never on purpose, never with harmful intent. Breaking hearts is tough also.  Today I broke Jordan's heart( he is three).......and my own heart broke too.  We were going on a "trip"(anyplace he goes is a trip) to Walmart.  As I was getting his car seat in Ingrid(my car) I turned to see him picking a mushroom that had sprouted overnight in our yard.   I told him we needed to go in and wash our hands, because some mushrooms could make you really sick and I did not know if the one he picked was good or bad.  We washed our hands, and then the tears begin to fall down his cheeks......big huge tears.......and he told me he was too tired to take our trip, he just wanted to go home.  He was beside himself, I called his grandmother to let her know what was going on, and he cried even harder.......by now his little body was racked with sobs.  At this point I did not know if he was sick, or what was going on.

He finally sobbed and told me he wanted a bath.......( he knows a bath always makes you feel better) and after the bath, we cuddled.......it dawned on my thick skull what had happened.  He is always picking flowers for me, and my response is always one of joy.......today, was different and it broke his little heart into a million pieces.  I know he has to know about not picking mushrooms, but my heart broke into a million pieces also when I realized  what had happened.

After cookies and milk, and much cuddling, we took our "trip" and all was well.  But I have thought about that little broken heart all day.  And I remembered all the times through the years, my heart has been broken.......by grief, illness, death, loss, embarrassment, and of course love.  Nothing like heartbreak, it is a lesson never forgotten.......one of life's most bitter pills to swallow.

By the way,my very first heartbreak.........I was Jordan's age, and I had just gotten new frilly panties.....my favorite Aunt and Uncle came to visit.....I was so excited, I pulled my dress over my head for them to see my ruffles....they laughed, and my embarrassed mother spanked me....broken heart by humiliation.  But, I guess in some way, most of them come from humiliation, don 't they?


  1. Poor Jordan I now want to give him a big hug sometimes it is hard for us when we have to say no to someone we care about, but when you have to say no to a child and they do not understand why we are saying no because they think they are doing something nice for mummy......yes children do get over things but still it hurts mummy or daddy to see them upset.........

  2. That was the most endearing story. How tender hearted you both are...and lucky to have each other's hearts to hold.

    Glad to know all is well.


  3. Poor Jordan. I'm so glad you worked out what was making him unhappy.

    And poor tiny you with your frilly panties :(

  4. My heart broke from reading about Jordan. Glad that it all worked out in the end. Love Di ♥

  5. Awwww Jordan is such a sweetie!!! And I'm sorry about your own heartbreak experience too. I hope hearts are mended and love restored! take care

  6. I know from experience how rotten you feel for him but part of life's lesson is dealing with hurt and broken hearts. Once you explain on his level about the difference in mushrooms and flowers he will always remember you for that.