Friday, May 31, 2019

End of May

A visit to the acupuncturist today, and then on the way home we stopped by work and I picked up my yoga blankets so I could wash them.  Many complain about their commutes to work, but I am lucky.
My drive is all country backroads.  This time of year the roadsides are sprinkled with Queen Anne Lace and day lilies and mimosa trees.  The dainty white lace, alongside the glowing orange, mixed  with the feathery rose makes country roads look as though Monet dropped by for a visit.  Blue skies and white cotton clouds made the drive home almost surreal.

Our temps are still hot and we have not had rain in some time.  It seems the weather goes from one rampage to the next.  Hurricane season starts tomorrow and that is never nothing to celebrate.
Hopefully Mother Nature will discover moderation soon and things will settle down for everyone.

Enjoy your Saturday.  Laugh out loud, spread some kindness.  Tonight is the end of May 2019.
Five months into the year, don't blink, it's going so fast.

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  1. Happy June Jilda. I can't believe it's here already. I've been working in the garden till dark every day it wasn't raining. I'm glad your commute is pleasant. I'm not especially fond of backroads because I'm not familiar with them but having some flora makes it a feast for the eyes.
    Enjoy your weekend. I'm back in the garden.
    Hugs, Julia