Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Mindful Transformations

Sometimes transformations come in strange places at weird times.  I had an epiphany many years ago washing dishes it led to my current job at the addiction center.  My job has truly been a transformation.  Other transformations have come because of conversations, both with friends and strangers.  I had a conversation with a woman on a flight back from California once that solidified beliefs about myself and resulted in her giving me, a total stranger, something of great personal value.

I guess often I am like most people, I think transformations are things that take a long time or come from greatness or much effort.  But when I think about the ones that have changed me, they came when I was open.  I was open to thought, to people around me or my surroundings.

Mindful living I believe is a great catalyst for transformation.  Becoming mindful of life and all that it involves changes and transforms.  Today there have been at least three triggers for transformations in my life, now I have to pursue, and be open.

I hope this has been a good Tuesday for you.  It is heating up here in Alabama and the humidity is rising.  Record temps are headed our way.  For those of you in the heat, move slow, hydrate, check on those around you who are older and sick.
Be kind.

1 comment:

  1. For me transformation begins in the heart.

    I was telling Rick that I think he needs to invest in a small pool to cool off.

    I don't envy that heat especially at this time of year. Summer is not even here yet.

    Stay cool.
    Hugs, Julia