Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Butterfly Beauty

I know my posts have been brief the past couple of days.  Bouts of vertigo and migraine have slithered in and out of my life since Sunday, there is no rhyme or reason.
But the flowers are blooming and the garden continues to thrive. 

I love my butterfly garden.  It has red roses, pink peonies and the butterfly bushes.  There is always a dance of dragonflies, butterflies and bees swarming from bloom to bloom.

Spread some kindness tomorrow, we all need it.

1 comment:

  1. So sorry about the vertigo again. I only had that once and it was enough. Such an incapacitating feeling.
    The butterfly bush blossom looks great.

    I planted a butterfly bush that I started from seed once and it was growing nicely by my big rock. I was anticipating my first blossom. My son Vaughan was young then, told me, "Mom, I pulled a big weed by the big rock. I went to check and my Butterfly bush was no longer there. Haha.

    Get better soon.
    Hugs, Julia