Sunday, May 19, 2019

Bounty Continues

The blue bounty continued today.  We picked another basket of blueberries...yummy.
My sister and her daughters and granddaughter and great grandson dropped by this afternoon.
They got to carry a little of the bounty home with them, blueberries, peppers and green onions.

Rick harvested our first quart of honey today.  It is very light and flavorful.  And then Jordan arrived with his baby chicks.  The chicks are a 4H project, in the fall he will attend an auction with three of them and keep the rest.  He has named the chicks, all 18 of them.  He will struggle when it is time to pick three for auction.

Finally this evening we did a short practice for a gig coming up.  We are being filmed and interviewed for a music show.  We are excited and hopefully once it is edited we can share it on our blogs.

I only got about half of my list done today, but maybe tomorrow will be  more productive.
May is quickly coming to an end, June is waiting  with her heat and humidity.  She is so impatient that she is sending some our way this week.  Stay hydrated, stay cool and don't overheat.
Be kind.

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  1. Blueberry, honey and chicks, all sweet things.

    It's still cool here but I've managed to get some gardening done on Saturday between rain drops. Today, Sunday, it drizzled a bit so I stayed indoors and I did a bit of sewing with my lock stitch sewing machine and it was a joy to use.

    Enjoy your Monday.
    Hugs, Julia