Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Around these parts, she is common.  Often found on the side of country roads, at old home places or farms, I have them growing in our yard.  I love them.  They just always look so happy and their lives are so short.  They bloom this morning, gone lilies.  You are seeing our first orange of the season.  Some of my mom's hybrids bloomed last week, but this one is the common one.  She found her way into the house and is now hanging with a pitcher of oak leaf hydrangeas.

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  1. That's a beauty. I love Daylilies, they are one of my favorites and I have so many varieties. They are starting to grow in the flowerbeds and I have to replaced the soil that was washed away with the flood. It's been raining and so cold.
    Hugs, Julia