Saturday, May 18, 2019

Blue Bounty

Our blueberries have started to ripen.  Big juicy sweet berries, big as my thumb and our bushes are hanging full.  Jordan came over this morning to help work on the chicken pen, then he helped me pick.  As always he ate as many as he picked.  He also took home half a lemon pound cake I made yesterday.  His  mom said he was in hog heaven.  I doubt there is any cake left tonight.

Once again it has been a busy full day, but a good one.  We met our friends Danny and Jo Francis for dinner tonight and as always they were delightful. By the way, we only picked berries from three bushes, there will be just as many to pick again tomorrow.

Enjoy your Sunday, be kind and spread joy.


  1. Nice blueberries. You're lucky to have Jordan to help pick.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Now I'm craving a lemon and blueberry cake!