Saturday, May 25, 2019

Our Commitment

We watched a video tonight, Commit to the Song.  It was a beautiful film, a piece of art.
We both sat and cried and laughed.  You can rent it on Amazon.

In a nutshell, it's about songwriters, a community, love for what they do and for each other.

As singer/songwriters living in rural Alabama, we often feel like strangers in a strange land.
We both know, we will never be famous or rich because of our songs, yet we just keep on.
We know most of our life is behind us, yet we just keep on.  It is a commitment this singer/songwriter stuff.  It is a marriage between soul and creative self.  It lasts a lifetime.

Because we don't play cover tunes or other people's music, gigs are hard to come by.  Yet we keep on.
Those few hours we get to play each month are mana and it keeps us going until the next time.
I know most of you when you hear live music, want to hear those songs you have already created memories from, those tunes on the radio.  But sometime when you are out, go hear something unique.
Listen to original music, stories and experiences that are not on the radio.

Hear someone express themselves straight from their heart and soul.  You might be surprised to find new memories stirring.

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  1. I'm glad that you both enjoy singing for the fun of it. Those who sing for money are not alway happy because they end up not being able to stay true to themselves.
    Enjoy a day of rest. It's raining again again here so I'll be resting my old bones unless the rain stops...
    Hugs, Julia